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{masculine} a frock ({Anglo-Irish}). {Regional:Leighin.}ROG, {plural} -GANNA(i), {masculine} a frog, a toad;
ME EADRA BRACACH AGUR LIATH MAR BHIONNS NA SROGANNAÍ INS AN BHFÓGHMHAS. I am 'lwixt, speckled and grey like the frogs in, autumn (Meath). I-ROIGIS, in psr- FROIGIRÍ FIÚNTACHA, trimmings, affectations, airs. IIROIS SRAIS, an olid podrida, a mixture of various ingredients in cooking;
.{figuratively} confused talking;
FROC FROC DEANTA AGAT DE, RE 'NA FHROC FROC AGAT, you have made a mess of it. SIROMHADH, -MHTHA, {plural} {idem}, and -MHTHANNA, {masculine} act of tasting, testing, proving, making trial of;
a proof;
FROMHTHA EILE DO THABHAIRT ORTHA, to test them in other ways;
{originally} PROMHADH. RIROMHAIM, -ADH, {transitive verb}, I teste, test, try, prove, make trial of.
{genitive} {idem}. {feminine}. thanks, gratitude;
A BHUIDHE {le?} DIA, God be thanked ior it : ALTUGHADH BHUIDHE, giving thanks to God, saying grace, I-IUIDHE, {plural} -ACHA, {adjective} yellow, tawny;
sunburnt, sunny, summerlike;
BHUIDHE BEALTAINE, bright or sunn-. may day : as a strengthening adverb, IF FADA BUIDHE UAIDH É, it is far indeed trom it;
as a disparaging epithet, like ugly, dirty, Bad. DOMHNALL BUIDHE, bad Bold ls-mhnail;
,-EÁN BUIDHE, the {feminine}-Slish, {confer} John Bull, -S rake, one aggressively dissolute: tawny;
TOMÁS BUIDHE, tawny Thomas.

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