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Go díreach Mar tús Mar cuid Críoch Le Fuaimeanna cosúil le Breathnaíonn mhaith


Torthaí ón cuardach

NATURAL [] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

oil, ointment, unction;
o. NA SCAFAINNE (GAF.).I. {Citation: List of words mostly from Rosses and Gweedore by A O'Doherty} NA GAFAINNE NUA, henbane oil, i, e., the seed of new henbane;
{Citation:Coney's Irish-English Dictionary of 1849}.. DÉIDHEANNATH. --extreme function, o. BHÁIS, {idem};
o, LEIGHIS, a salve;
o. CHOISREACTA, consecrated oil;
o, A THRÓCAIRE, the unction of Ilis mercy;
o. AN TSODAIR, lit, trotting oil, i, e., speed;
o. MAGAIDH, a laughing stock ({confer} ULA IOLLADH, ALLADH);
CRANN o., an olive or oil-tree (olea Europaea);
GLAODHACH o., a call for fxtreme UNCTIONS a sick-call;
AN RAGART IMTHIGHTHE AG CUR o., (or, NA H-o,) (SUAS), the priest is gone to administer, extreme function ({Regional: the Barony} O,);
GAN o. GAN AITHRIGHE (dying) unanointed and unconfessed, SLACH, -AIGHE, {adjective} oily, unctuous, oleiferous SLACH, -AIGHE, {adjective} given to drinking, subject to drinking, soaking, absorbing;
DH. IMEARTHACH, given to drinking and gambling;
{also, alias} ÓLTACH. SLACHÁN, -ÁIN, {plural} {idem}, {masculine} act of drinking habitually, tippling, drinking, a Carousal;
drink, drinkables;
driniring {habitual} S DÉANAM Ó., let us drink (as a health);
SOILÉAR FOSCAILTE LAN FÍOI. AGUF ÓLACHÁIN, an open cellar full of wines and honors (song);
DEARBHRÁTHAIR Do'n LEADRÁNACHT AN T-Ó,, drink is own brother to sloth (prov.). BLA-CHOILL, {feminine}, an olive grove, olivetura. SLA-CHRANN, {masculine} olive tree;
FLEAFC OTACHRAINN, an olive branch. BLA-CHRANNDA, {indeclinable} {adjective} wooded with olive trees. CILAGÓN, {interjection}, alas! {also, alias} really, certainiy,. in ordinary speech without reference te lamentation;
{substantive masculine} act of lamenting, Weeping aloud;
a loud wad;
o., GOSTNIGHTHC, alas, he is hurt;
o. Ó., alas, alas! BHI GACH Aon o. AICC, she was wailing aloud constantly;
AG CASADH o., lamenting aloud;
o. MHAISE H-EADH, but really it is not so;
AR CHUIR AIRGEAD CHUGHAT? O. NÍOR CHUIS. did he send you money?;
certainly he did not;
{also, alias} -GÁN ({Citation:Coney's Irish-English Dictionary of 1849} DUBH Ó, a celebrated Irish air). BTAIDHE, {indeclinable} {adjective} oily, greasy, fatty. SLAIDHE, {masculine} a wave or surge, trough of waves;
{also, alias} OLTHAIGHÉ, See AMHLUIGHE. BLAIDHEACHT, -A, {feminine}, oiliness, greasiness, fattiness, SLAIM, {verbal} ÓL, {transitive verb}, I drink (sometimes without an expressed object), o, uaff, absorb;
Ó, LIONN, I usually drink ale;
Ó, TOBAC, I smoke tobacco;
Ó, AN GHLOINE, I drink spirituous liquors;
Ó. MO SCILLING, I drink my shilling's worth;
Ó. SIAR É, I drink it up, swallow it;
Ó. DO SHLÁINTE, I drink your health;
Ó, AS. I drink to;
Ó, MO DHÓTHAIN, I drink enough, {also, alias} I drink to excess;
Ó, BOLGAM CAIDEOIGE DE, I drink a thimbleful (lit, an earthworm's mouth, ful) of;
D'BHLFAINN AN MHÁGACH (or LOCH SILEANN), I ara a capacious drinker;
D'OLFAINN AN ROP AS AN SRATHAIR, I am a reckless drinker (lit, I would drink the straw-packing of the straddle);
D'OLFAINN AN BHÓLACHT AGUS AN CAPAILLÍN GLAS, {idem} (lit. I would drink the herd of cows and the little grey nag);
AN ÓLFÁ DEOCH? 'SÉIR MAR THUITFEADH ISTEACH AMACH, Will you take a drink? gladly (lit, as it falls from the bottle into the glass);
D'ÓL IS CHEOL .S CHAILL A NÁIRE, he diank and sang and lost his self-respect. BLAMHAIL, -MHLA, {adjective} oily. -SLANN, {genitive} -LNA, -LLA, -LAINNC, {dative} -LAINN, {plural} -LNA -LLA, -LTAÍ, {feminine}, wool;
o. TALMHAN, cotton;
{Regional:Leighin.} N-EARBALL na H-OLNA, at the end of ohes resources, nearly spent (of time);
o. TÍRE TAIRNGIRE, wool of the Land of prophecy obtained frera seven wethers with garments of which the Blessed are clothed. See MARGADH, BLAR, -AIR, {masculine} (eoll.). grease, oil, juice. SLARDHA, {indeclinable} {adjective} fat, juicy, greasy. CLARC, -AIRC, {plural} {idem}, {masculine} a hone, a whetstene. -ELB, suff., -wolf, -olf in names of Norse origin, e, {genitive}, TOROLBH, thorwolf. I-.LC, {gcf?} -A, {plural} {idem}, gsm. UILC, eomp. MOASA, seeond {comparative} MISTE (or ISCIDE), {adjective} bad, wicked, vile, treacherous, malicious, untoward or unfortunate, very ill;
inhospitable, disobliging;
DÍOLTÓIR o., a bad sales man;
SCRÍBHNEOIR o., a bed penman;
FEAR o., a wicked man;
NEITHE OLCA, evil things;
o. MAITH, good nor bad, neither way, at all;
NÍ'L FIN SAN SCTHAL o, MAITH, that is not in the story at all;
GO H-o., badly;
BHEITH GO H-o., to be very ill, to act evilly;
GO H-o, as, badly off;
GO H-o, SÁ'N IASACHT, bad at lending;
NÍOR DHEINIS GO H-O, AR AN GCEACHT, you made a fair attempt at the lesson ( {Réilthíní Óir});
IS o, LIOM, I regret, am sorry;
IS O. Liom RABHAS ANN, I ara sorry I was not there;
B'O. UAIT SIN DO DHÉANAMH, you behaved ill in doing that;
IS o. AN MHAISE DHUIT É, it becomes you not at all to do it;
IS o. AN T-ÁTHAS É, it is a poor consolation to him;
is OLC DO CHREIDIM AN RÁRLA, I scarce believe the rumour;
is o, DO SAOILOAS {genitive singular}. I little expected that;
IS OLC AN SCEÁL TH. it is too bad, is a sad state of affairs;
b'o, AN GABHAS (or -BHTHAS) AIGHE CH, he took it badly ({perhaps} for B'o. DO GHABH A FHIOF AIGE É);
{opposite} to MAITH. BLC, {genitive} UILC, {plural} {idem} and -A, {masculine} evil, an evil thing, wickedness, vice, misfortune, damage, mischief;
rage, fury, rabies;
spite, malevolence;
o, MÓS. a great evil or calamity;
AN T-o. MÓS. white rage;
o, BRÁGHAD, king's evil;
MÁTHAIR AN UILC, the source of evil;
AN FHRCHAMH Ó'R FHÁS AN ULLE o., the root of all evil;
I BHFAD UAINN AN T-o., far be evil from us (a parenthetic wish);
DUADH AN UILC, the trouble taken in wrong-doing;
MAITH I N-AGHAIDH AN UILC, good for evil: MAR O. (or {le?} H-o,) ORM, to Spite me, MAR LOM UILC ORM, {idem} (intens.);
D'eIRIGH o. DO'N GHADHAS. the dog went mad;
o, (ISTIGH) AIGE CHUGHAM (or DHAM), ho cherishes a grudge against me;
BHÍ o. AIR, he was raging;
DEALUIGHIM IDIR o. IS MAITH. I differentiate between good and evil;
RAOR Ó o., free from evil;
{genitive singular} as {adjective} evil, vicious, cruel, rand (of animals);
MADRADH UILC, a raad dog. BLCA {feminine}, harm, injury, in the expression, AR o, {le?} te harm, to do harm to;
MA'S AR O. LEIS AN EACH SAIN AN GHIOLLA DEACAIR ATHA , if to harm the O, {dative}'s steed is your desire;
{opposite} to MAITHE, which see, SLCACH, -AIGHE, {adjective} evil, full of ills, fierce, fiery..-ILCHAING ({pronounced} OLATHAINN, {Regional:Ring}). See 1OL.. CHAIN {genitive} CILTAS, -AIS, {masculine} hadness, evil, naughtiness, hatred, mischief, misfortune;
o., however wicked or had;
AR o.,.as bad as. TÉIGHIN I he AR AN O., AR o. AN DOMHAIN, {idem};
S-O,, I get Worse;
AGUS A o. SITEACH, while I found it hard to refuse him;
DO BHUAILSINN É ACHT A o. LIOM É GHORTUGHADH, I would strike him but am unwilling to hurt him;
SÓLÁS o. DO CHÓMHARRAN, joy at your neighbours, misfortune;
{also, alias} OILCEAS, OILCEADAS ({Citation:Seán Mac Murchadha Caomhánach}). BLCHEANA, OLDÁS. See under OL, S-ILFAIRC, See ULFAIRC. BLL, {genitive singular feminine} OILLE (UILLE), gsm.
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