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LEATHANACH [Lah_n_x] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

at times seven pages would he written as quickly as one at other times;
FHÉADSAIDIS AN CHLAIS A BHAINT LIOM, they could not compete with me in digging the furrow;
with CHÓMH, to form {comparative} of eguality : CHÓMH FASA {le?} as far as;
CHÓMH COMHTHSOM {le?} DÍSLE, as even (or neat) as a die;
CHÓMH CAICHTE {le?} FIAG, as emaciated as a peeled rush;
{le?} CHÓMH BINN AGUS BHI AN CEOL, so sweet was the music;
of {Citation:Coney's Irish-English Dictionary of 1849} reference : DEIRTEAR LEIS AN MBHUIN GN, one says in referring to the cow that;
FHEADAR AN LUADHFAR AN T-AIRGEAD SO {le?} SEÁN {le?} SÉAMAS, I wonder whether this money will he awarded to.Iobn or to.Iames (by the court) ({Citation:Seán Mac Murchadha Caomhánach});
DEAN CÓMHAIRLE {le?} GAOL, take counsel with relatives;
CHUIR FÁIRNIS ORT {le?} Di.IINE, I enquired from a person about you;
of purpose or intention : DEIR SIAD GUR {le?} H-ÁDH {le?} -ÁDH THAGANN NA BEACHA GO TIGH -.IUINE, they say bees bring either luck or misfortune to one's house;
and with {verbal} {also, alias} indicates futurity : RE {le?} CUR ANNSO, it is to be put here;
{le?} N-A CHUR ANNRO, he is to put it here;
IS MO BHEAL {Anglo-Irish}-AM {le?} CUR 'SAN UISCE, as I was about to put my mouth to the water;
--Á {le?} TEACHT, he is (about) to come;
AR CONNTAR {le?} BHEITH NÍES FEÁRS. with a view to improvement;
{le?} BHEITH ULLAMH ROIMH A DEICH, it is to be ready before ten;
TÁIM {le?} DUL, I am to go;
MÁ'S {le?} BHEITH SAOTHRACH DUIT, if you are to be diligent;
SLIGHE N-A NDÍBIST, a way of getting rid of them;
GUR NÁIREACH É MO CHLEAS {le?} DÉANAMH, though it were a shameful thing for me to do, {often} with pass, meaning : {le?} FAGHAIL, to be had, accessible;
{le?} H-INNSINT, to be told, to have to tell, tellable;
but AN SCÉAL ATA AGAM {le?} H-INNSINT DAOIBH, the tale I have to tell you;
{le?} CHLOIRTINT, to be heard;
{le?} FEICSINT, visible;
BHEISEÁ {le?} CÁINEADH, you would not bo worthy of blame;
adverbidl use : BHÍ AG ÓL, ITHE, LEIS, he was drinking, eating, away;
AG TIOMÁINC, TRIALL, LIOIN (I) forging ahead;
ITHIDH LIBH, eat away;
SUAS (ANIACH, SLAR, {et cetera}) LEIS, up (out, west) he went (at once);
in Contrast to AG it implies motion, e, {genitive}, SLÁN LEAT, farewell, said to on,- going away ({confer} AN RAIBH LUCHT MAICH LEAT? had you a good cargo?), but SLÁN AGAC, good-bye, said to one remaining (See GUIDHIM);
with verbs : ATÁIM {le?} I am with, side with, am favourable to, regard, treat, practise, am at or engaged at;
ATÁ LI OIM, I have it, have succeeded;
BEIDH LEAT, you will manage it;
NIÁ BHÍONN LIOM, in LLOM GACH ÓRDLACH DE D' CHROIDHE, if you are mine he mine with all your heart;
BHÍOMAR LEO MAR BHEIMÍS {le?} N-ÁR MUINNTIR SÉIN. -SE treated them as we would our own. BHÍ LIOM Leo, he sided with me and with them in turn;
TÁIM LEAC, I am on your side;
THA AN MADRADH LEIS AN MBHUIN, the dog is alter the cow;
H-AON MHAITHEAS BHEITH LEIS, it ii- useless to be nagging at or dealing with him;
BHEIDH AN BHLIADHAIN see LIOM, I. am in for a bad time this year;
IS AICME IAD ATÁ {le?} H-ACHRANN RIAMH, they have always been a troublesome erowd;
THA SCH {le?} with {verbal}, see above (of purpose, {et cetera});
with IS : IS {le?} owns, lies with, per, tains to, devolves on;
IS LIOM AN MADRADH, I own the dog;
AS LEIS É? was it his? LEIS IMIRT? whose turn is it to play? GO MBHADH LEAT FÉIN GO LÉIR , may I be wholly yours;
IS LIOMSA SLÉACHTAIN, it is my turn to bow;
with nouns: IS DÓIGH (TUAIRIM) LIOM, I suppose (opine);
with {adjective}'s and nouns denoting a judgment or mental attitude : IS FADA LIOM AN OIDHCHE, I find the night long;
IS MAITH LIOM BHEITH ÓG, I like being young, {confer} IS MAITH DHAM BHEITH ÓG, youth is good for me (independent of my mental attitude);
IS CUMA LIOM, I do not care;
IS CUMA DHAM, it does not affect my case;
IS CÁS LIOM É, I think it sad;
IS SUATH LIOM, I hate ({confer} do);
NÍORBH OBHAIR LLOM É, I Would not approve of (or like) doing it, {also, alias} I could easily do it;
GAC NIDH LER GNÁTHACH NEACH DO THARRAING CHUM PEACAIDH, everything usually causing a person to sin;
{also, alias} with verbs of waiting (for), expecting, hoping;
speaking or listening (to), pleasing, agreeing, uniting (with);
helping, sharing (with);
vising, fighting, dealing, meddling (with);
casting (at), blaming;
-AIGH, {plural} {idem}, {masculine}... page of a book;
a cloth measure;
-THAN, -ACH, {idem}
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