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LEATH [Lah] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

{genitive singular feminine} LEITHE, {adjective} broad, {et cetera} obs, except in {comparative} and in {phrase} like : LEATH
-EITHE, {dative} -ELTH ({often} {nominative}) and LEACH, {plural} -THA, -EITHE, {feminine}, a side, a district or countryside, direction;
'SAN LEATH (or LEITH) THUAIDH, in the north or on the north side;
'SAN LEATH THEAS, in the south, {et cetera};
LEATH AMUIGH DE, outside of, except;
with I : i LEITH ({often} ILE, ILLE), on or to one side, hither, over (---ANONN, sometimes ANALL), thenceforward, towards (with {genitive}), in the direction of;
inclining to, in regard to, credited or charged to;
i LEITH IS GO, as if, even if, in view of the fact that;
Ó SHOIN I LEITH. from that time on, since then;
I LEITH NA LÁIMHE DEISE (CLÉ), to the right (left);
i LEITH A CHINN, headlong;
i LCITH A CHOS. his feet sliding, feet foremost;
i LEITH A CÚIL, back (from him);
I LEITH NA BUIGE (LÉITHE), inclining to be (or rather) soft (grey);
'STALL, yonder, at the other side (LEATH Do'N ABHAINN, on the far side of the river);
LEATH 'SBHFUS. at this side;
LEATH 'STIGH, within, inside, within doors, at less than, below (TAGAIM LEATH De, I get the better of, secure preference over);
Do'N LEITH ISTIGH D'AOIS, in ohos nonage, (P.P.);
LEATH 'SMUIGH, outside, except (LEATH DE'n MÉID SIN, excepting that);
LEATH 'STUAS. above (GABHAIM LEATH DE, I get the better of, supersede, OSIASB);
LEATH 'S i N-ÁIRDE, above LEATH 'STÍOS. below (TAGAIM LEATH DE, i come under the power or control of) LEATH 'STIAR, in the west, behind, way back (LI DIOM, DE'N DORAS, behind me, the door);
LEATH 'STOIR, in the east LEATH 'STUAIDH, in the north;
LEATH 'STEAS. in the south (LI 'STOIR DE'N GHAORTHAIDH, south-east of the {genitive});
{often} LAR(T)-, and LAIS(T)- when the {adverb} element has slender initial;
e, {genitive} LASTNAIDH, LAISTIAS. from early {compounds} allastiar, allastig, allamuig;
{also, alias} LEARTUAIDH, {et cetera} LEATH, {genitive} -A and LEITH, {dative} {idem}, LEITH and LEOTH (early), {plural} -A, LEITH. {masculine} a half, a good share, a part or piece;
LEATH SÁITH. half enough;
LEATH MO DHÓTHAIN, half enough for me, LEATH MO SHÁITH. {idem};
LEATH BEALAIGHI half-way ({adverb}), LEATH SLIGHEADH, {idem};
LEATH BEALAIGH AN SIMILÉIR, half-way up the chimney;
LEATH PÁISTC RÍOS UAIDH, half a field below him;
LI MOGHA, the Southern half of Ireland;
LEATH CUINN, the Northern half;
A LEATH, half of it;
'NA DHA LI, in two halves;
DO-GHNÍM DHÁ LEATH DE, I make two halves of;
DÉAN DHÁ LEATH DED' DHÍCHEALL, halve not your endeavour;
DO-GHNÍM DHÁ LEATH oe'N TSAOGHAL, I take the world easy;
LI i BPÁIRT ({adverb}), having half-shares, in co- partnership;
BHCISEÁ GANN AR LEATH AN MHÉID GAEDHILGE ATÁ AGAT. you would not be badly off with half the Irish you have ({Réilthíní Óir});
FHEADFAINN LEATH A NDÉANSADH RE DO LÉIRIUGHADH, I could not describe half the things he could do;
THUIGIM LI A BHFUIL RÁDH AGAT, half of what you say is unintelligible to me;
IS LEATH BEATHADH BEAN MHAITH TIGHE, a good wife is half of life;
CUIRIMÍS LEATH i GCOINNIBH LEATHA let us go half and half, wager evens;
BÍODH A LEATH AR GACH TAOB, let it be half and half, both pay or get half;
LEATH LEATH, half and half;
GE LEITH. plus a half, {pronounced} GOILE (Munst.), co lleuth (01.);
BLIADHAIN GO LEITH, a year and a half;
PINGINN GO LEITH, three halfpence.
-, LEITH-, in {compounds}, side, lateral LEATH-ÁRD, inequality, higher on one side than another, {confer} CÓMH(N)ÁRD;
LEATH-ÁIRDE, inequality, state of being higher on one side than on the Other;
LEITH-ÍREAL, lower on one side than on the other, decrepit, lame;
LEITH-FHEOLADH, act of veering or tecking;
LEATH -AILL, bluff, hillside or natural terrace ({Regional:Tipperary});
LEATH -BHFABHAR, partiality, bias;
LEATHGHAOTH, a side-wind (navigation);
LEATH FHI ADH N AI re, unsatisfactory evidence (FEAR NA LEATH-, an unsatisfactory witness);
See {also, alias} under LEATH, side, and LEATH BHÓRD, LEATH-CHEANN, LEATH -CHUMA(IDH), LEATHSTUAIC, LEITH-BHÉAL, {et cetera} Note : LEATH. a side, LEATH, a half, are etymologically the same in meaning and therefore in many compounds indistinguishable, as in LEATH-CHEANN, LEATH-BHÉAL, {et cetera} LEATH-, LEITH-, in {compounds}, half-, semi-, demi-, one of two, joint;
partial, casual, medium, rather, pen-;
LEATH PHINGINN, a halfpenny;
LEATH-CHORÓIN, a half-crown;
LEATH-PÚNT, a half-pound, a half-sovereign ({generally} LEATH-SHABHRAN);
LEATH -THEISTIÚN, two-penee;
LEATH-RÉAL, three-pence;
LEATH-SCREAPAL, a demi, scripulus;
LEATH -GHINI, a half-guinea;
LEATH-MHÍLE, a half-mile;
LEATH -ASNA, half -satisfaction, dimidium arrei;
LEATHBLIADHAIN, a haif-year;
LEATH-GHUTA, a semi-vowei;
LEATH-CHUID, a half-share LEATH-LÓN, half-rations;
LEATH-RCH, a half-moon, LEITH-GHEALATH, {idem};
LEATH FHEITHE, a half-hide;
LEATH-RANN, a couplet or half-stanza;
LEATH-AMHADAN, a half-witted fellow;
LEATH-ÓINSÍN, a half-witted woman;
with {adjective}'s : LEATHBHRATÓIGHACH, fairly ragged;
LEATH -LIOSTACH, languid, lacking enthusiasm (IS LEATH- CHUAIDH SCH I N-URRAIDHEACHT ORM, he WAS by no means keen about backing me at the bank);
LEATH -BHECHT, somewhat poor;
LEATHBHRISTE, half-broken;
LEATH-MHARBH, half dead, exhausted;
LEITH-BHEO, half-dead or -alive;
LEITH-EOLACH, half-knowing, {substantive masculine} a smatterer;
BA LEATH-CHUMA LIOM, it would bo almost indifferent to me;
with nouns : CHUIRFINN ANN LEATH-CHÁR, it would not upset me very much;
AR LCATH-MHEISCE, half-drunk;
AR LEATHBHAOIS, somewhat merry (as from drink);
Ni'L LEATH -BHAOGHAL ORC, you are unite alright (or safe);
LEATH -BHRUITH, halfcooking (-THTE, half- cooked or hoiled);
to form the singular of duplicate parts of the body, attire, structure, {et cetera};
sometimes indicating defect or raalforraation, e, {genitive} LEATH -ADHARC, one of two horns;
NA LEATH-ADHAIRCC, the one -horned COW;
LEATH -AGHAIDH, one Side of the face LEATH-PHLUC, One cheek;
LEATH-DHORN, One of the fists;
LEATH-EITE LUIRIGHE, a cnisse of a suit of armour or mail;
LEATHDHUBHÁN, one of the kidneys;
LEATHGHRUADH, one cheek, one side of a ridge, lull, {et cetera};
LEATH MHÁS, a buttock;
LEATH-BHOLG, one side of the belly;
LEATH -ROSC, one eye (AR LEATH-, having hut one eye);
LEATH -SHRÓN, one side of the nostrils;
LEATH-CHÍOTH, a single breast;
LEATH-GHIALL, one cheek or jaw, one jamb (of a door, {et cetera});
LEATH IOSCAD, one hara or hough;
See {also, alias} LEATH-LÁM, LEATH-CHÚL, LEATH-GHUALA, LEITH-BHÉAL, {et cetera};
similarly : LEATH-BHRÓ, one (upper- or nether-) millstone;
LEATH-AMA, one hame;
LEATH -TARRAIC, one trace;
LEATHCHLÁR SRATHSACH, a side-board of a straddle LEATH-PHÉAC, one prong;
LEIC-IALL, one lace;
See LEATH-LAIDHE, {et cetera};
LEITH-LEANBH, a twin ({omeath}), LEATH -CHUPLA {idem}, {also, alias} one of twin animals, {et cetera};
LEATHLÁNANIA, one of a married pair;
LEATHRÍ, one of two joint rulers, a joint sovereign;
of animals, -CHOLPA, -CHOINÍN, a balf -grown cow, rabbit.
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