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Torthaí ón cuardach

FIU [FU] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

FIU, worth, price, equivalent;
as {adjective} worth, equal in value to, worthy, able to;
ny FIU, it is not right, it is not worth while;
BADH MHÓR A B'SHI É, it would he very valuable;
ny FIU STILLING É, it is not worth a shilling;
FIU BLANNC IAD, they are worthless;
{South} BIORÁN (IS) CH, it is not worth a pin;
NÍORBH 'SHI LEO BLORÁN AGUS ANAM DUINO SEOCHAS, they would not set a pin's value on a Person's life compared with;
FIU LIOM É D' SHEISCINT. I do not think it worth while to see it;
ny FIU LIOM AIR, I don't think it is worth;
NI FIU LIOM ORT É, you are not worth doing it for;
NI {South} LIOM PÚNT AIR, I don't think it is worth a pound;
NI FIU DHAM É, it is not worth my while;
FIU DHUIT IMTHEACHT ANOIS, it is not worth while going now, you may as well stay;
ny {South} DA MHÉIN MHÓRÁLAIGH, it does no credit to his lofty character;
BEART NÁRBH' FHIU DUIC, a deed that did you no credit;
GOIDÉ AN ATHCHUINGHE IS {South} MISE THUSA A IARRAIDH ORM, what can be the request that you should think Fme worthy of the asking (mayo);
FIU ALL-GHLÓR AN TSAOGHAIL BHRÉAG DO CHUR AR NA NAOMHAIBH, all the big-talk in the world cannot belie the saints ({Citation:Coney's Irish-English Dictionary of 1849} {Citation:O'Bruadar} ) : NÍORBH' SHI A N-EOLAS AR AN BHFONN ROINN NA GCÚIGEADH I GCÓMHTHROM, they did not know the land well enough to divide the provinces evenly (lo.);
A H-UCHT DRUADH N-IARRADH NEART DO B'S, A DHÚTHCHAS RE DRAOIDHEACHT, if, he sought power from druids it was natural with his taste for magic ({ibidem});
in the sense of even {generally} followed by gen, ni'L FIU NA MBFÓG AIGE, be had not even shoes;
GO FIU, nay even, to the extent of, including;
AGUS GO {South} na LEABHAS. and even the books;
FIU i RIOCHTAIBH BÁIS, even at the point of death;
FIU ANIAIN NA LEANBHAI, even the children;
MÓR IF (or nios) FIU See under MÓR. PRÚBHACH, -AIGHE, {adjective} worthy;
MÓR-SHI, very worthy ({omeath}).
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