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FIMIDC [] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

FIMÍN. See FEIMLDE, FEIMIN. PIMINEACH,..NIGH, {plural} {idem}, {masculine} a hypocrite ({Citation:O'Bruadar}, {Citation:O'Reilly's Irish-English Dictionary}}). PIMINEACHT, -A, FIMIDC, hypocrisy ({Citation:O'Bruadar}, {Citation:O'Reilly's Irish-English Dictionary}}). PINE, {genitive} {idem}, {plural} -NTE, FIMIDC, a family, tribe, nation, {especially} a family to the eighth degree in Roman law and to the fourth in Canon lsaw including, with certain reservations, the mother's family;
applied loosely to a community united by common interests;
{also, alias} the territory occupied by the FIMIDC.. the FIMIDC consisted of seventeen persons, subdivided into GEILFH. (five members), DEIRBH-FHIMIDC (four), I AIRBHF. (four), and INNS. (four);
AINBHF. was applied to an external tribe or member thereof;
DUBH-S, to those without status or property;
DEIRG-SI, to those tainted with murder;
FIMIDC GRIAIN, family of the soil;
a FIMIDC was ruled by a council of five;
a community of monks in the same system is called FIMIDC MANACH;
AIRE FIMIDC, chief of kindred;
a number of FINTE constituted a CINÉAL, a number of CINÉIL a TUATH;
{South} GALL, Fingal.
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