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Torthaí ón cuardach

FÚINN [] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

FÚIBH, FÚTHA (SÚBHTHA, {Regional:Donegal}(SI, {prefix} N to {possibly} and {relative} {Anglo-Irish} as N-A CHEANN, under his head, MBHÍM or N-A MBÍM, under, or, by reason of, which, I am;
below, beneath;
under, in all senses, e,{genitive} having, carrying, displaying, characterised by, covered with, wearing, enduring;
up to, towards, against;
about, around, throughout;
by, before, within )of time, {confer} Lat, sub.);
by (in multiplication);
at (after words of mocking, guessing, attacking);
into, through, per;
to, at the disposal of;
by (with verbs of swearing);
about, regarding;
in (ethically or regarding condition or state);
CHLOICH, under a stone;
CHOIM NA H-OIDHCHE, under the cover of night;
SHEOL, under sail;
BRAT BSÍGHDE, under Bridget's banner;
UISCE THALAMH, subterranean waters,.{figuratively} undermining, intrigue;
CAPALL MAITH , (he) mounted on a good steed;
N-A BHFÉANAIBH, under their wnggons;
TAGAIM , I come up under, ooze, {also, alias} come towards;
TEACHT , ground ooze;
{often} in {pronounced} comb., down, low;
A CHEANN THÍOS AIGE, with head lowered;
AR A BHEAL , bottom up;
AR A BÓRD FÚITHE, with gunwale down, (of a boat);
SUIDH FUT, sit down;
BUAIL FUT. {idem}-;
THÍCS FÚM, down below me;
FÁÍM LAIMH (signed);
NO THAIRIS, not more nor less;
{often} replaced by BHUN, under, below, less than, subject to the intervention ({et cetera}) of (See BUN);
BHUAIBH. having, being grazed by, cows;
GHLAS, under lock and key;
THOSADH, in fruit;
BHLÁTH, in blossom;
TORTHA SMCHARAIBH, blackberry-laden bushes;
CORN SA DHIGH, a goblet containing drink N-A DHÍOL DE, with its complement of;
GANN , scarce of, hard up for, illiberal in giving;
GAIRID , short of;
SUARACH , -.cant of, mean about;
MAITH , good or generous about (or in) FIAL , {idem};
BHA LÍONMHAIRE ÉIRE NAOMHAIBH ÉIN-CHRÍOCH EILE,SAN CORAIP, Ireland was, more prolific in saints than any country in Europe;
MHAIRE., in prosperity, as {adverb}, successfully;
SHNEACHTA AGUS SHIOC (wandering) in snow and frost;
FÁ'N GCNOC, under, up into or all over the hill;
FÁ'N GCOILL, in, into, or scattered through the Wood;
D'IMTHIGHEADAR ORTHA AMACH FA'N SLIABH, they betook themselves to the mountain;
DHEINEAS , I went towards, made for;
AG TEACHT FA'N LÁTHAIR ( IMEALL NA SLUAGH), arriving on the scene (on the fringes of the array);
CHUAIDH AN SCHEAL FÚTHA, the news became known to them;
BHUAIL {comparative} A CHLÉIBH RÁ'N DTALAMH, he banged his chest against the ground;
GABHAIM A CHÉILE IAD, I knock them together;
CHIIADAR FÁ'U A CHEILE, they went to raeet, combined with, permeated, each other;
BUILLE THUAIRIM (DT. {Regional:Uladh}), a guess (See TUAIRIM);
LEATHTA FÁ'N DTALAMH, spread on the ground;
CHÉILE CHUINN, throughout Ireland;
BHUAIL BÍOMA FÁ'N BHSALLA, he propped the wall with a beam;
FÁ'N RAOGHAL, in life, in the world;
FÁ'N DTUAITH, in the country;
Sínigh isteach