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Torthaí ón cuardach

DÁ [dA] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

(DHÁ). hum, {adjective} two, a pair;
with {article} both, the pair;
used only with noun. being used when noun is not expressed;
aspiralee and takes the dual ( {singular}) form;
e, {genitive} BHÉAL (BHEOL), two lips;
BHRÓIG, a pair of shoes;
AN CHAPALL- both horses;
DHÁ with duplicated parts of the body as a {plural} forma;
e, {genitive} me DHÁ LÁIMH, my hands;
MO DHÁ CHOIS, my legs;
me DHÁ SHÚIL, my eyes;
me DHÁ CHLUAIS, my ears;
me DHÁBHÉAL, my lips;
eclipses TRIAN (old neut.);
DTRIAN, two thirds;
used as {adverb} with {comparative} {adjective} twice, double, two-fold;
BHA DHÁ DHATHAMHLA É, {et cetera}, he was twice as handaorae;
indefinitely in AN ls MHAIRFIDH , as long as he fives;
(CHEANN) DÉAG, twelve;
RÉAG ({genitive} {idem}), twelve persons, lit, FHEAR DÉAG;
AN DÁRÉAG ASPHAL, the twelve {South}pestles;
AN ASPAL DÉAG, {idem};
FHICHID, forty;
{also, alias} DACHAD, DATHAD;
UAIR, twice;
with {preposition} takes the did, or ace, {plural} regularly, but is {generally}- unaffected;
{le?} oa MHALAÍ, with two bags;
AR SHLINNIBH, on two slates;
{confer} I GCÁS 1DIR DHÁ CHÓMHAIRLE, in a quandary;
{genitive plural} na with eelipsis;
na MBÁD, of the two boats;
but {also, alias} AN BHÁD in med, usage;
in modern usage the initial letter of the noun following is affected by the {possibly} prns., as A DHÁ SHÚIL, his eyes;
A DHÁ SÚIL, her eyes;
A DHÁ nGNI'OMH, their two feats, {et cetera};
{confer} {le?} N-A GCLAIDHEAMH AGUS {le?} N-A SLEIGH, (of two knights), with their swords and spears (mayo);
{confer} I NDÁ BHÁD(A1BH), in two boats;
{also, alias} I DHÁ BHÁD;
{generally} DHÁ, hut after N;
{often} REPLACED by BEIST with persons, always with SEAR and BEAN;
e, {genitive}, DHÁ MHÁIGHIFTIR, two masters;
BHEIRT MH., {idem} See BEIRT.
(DE -i- neuter PROLEP. {possibly} {pronoun} A).. aspl, ratee, however;
in generalising and superlative uses;
of whatever, to whatever extent of;
of the;
used with abstract nouns;
GACH AON NÍDH BHREAGHTHACHT, every thing of the finest;
AOIRDE É, however great his (or its) height;
ÁRSACHT É, however ancient his lineage;
- GHÉIRE AN SCIAN, however sharp the knife.- NÍ'L MHÉID... NACH MÓIDE, the greater,.. the greater;
MHÉID,.., 'SEADH IS MHÓ. {idem};
MHÉID AN DONAS IS EADH IS DÁINE BHÍONN , the more the misfortune the greater his pluck;
FHEABHAS DO BHÍ , however excellent it Was ).If.);
conj, if, eclipsing;
implies as a rule a condition that may or may not be fulfilled, noiv {generally} used -,vith --,S S-S, which is usually identical with the imperfect, and {also, alias} sometimes with the eon-
{preposition} do or de in composition with {possibly} {pronoun} A;
CHEANN, to, for, of or off his head;
CHLAINN, to or of his children;
RÉIR, accordingly;
DA BHRÍGH SIN, as a result of that, therefore.
{preposition} do or de with {relative} {pronoun} {Anglo-Irish} eclipsing;
BHSUILIM, for whom I am MBAILIGHIM, of, off, for which (or Whora) I gather;
DTUGAS, to Whom I gave, off which I brought;
BHFACA RIAMH, of all ieversaw;
PÉDÁN-OIREANN AN CAIPÍN, whomsoever the cap fits;
{also, alias} as {confer} when, where, e, {genitive} INS GACH ÁIT MBHÍM, in every place where I happen to be;
RAIBH , One day when he was, See DAR, DÁR, -, in {compounds} two-, di-, bi-, arabi- -, -, -, {idem} -DA, -DE, adfectival aslx, -ish, -ic,.essue : becomes -DHA, -TA, after -N, and sometimes after R and {Regional:Leighin.} {also, alias} -THA, after R and {Regional:Leighin.} and N after N;
CUANNA (-DA), CRÍONNA (-DA), abstract -DACHT, -DCACHT, -ACDHA=-ACH, -ADHARCACH, {adjective} two-horned : {also, alias} -.
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