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Aimsigh focal

Scríobh focal Gaelige

Go díreach Mar tús Mar cuid Críoch Le Fuaimeanna cosúil le Breathnaíonn mhaith


Torthaí ón cuardach

D [] : Amharc i gcomhthéacs

(DAIR, the oak tree), the fourth letter of the Modern Irish alphabet;
it is eclipsed by N, eclipses T and resists aspiration after N;
is sometimes prosthetic as in (D)ADAMH, DÉIDEARBHADH, {et cetera};
it sometimes interchanges with g, i and t, in early Irish with N, and slender {dative} with R;
DH interchanges with GH and TH, as OIGHRE, ice, {also, alias} heir for OIDHRE;
initial {dative} is {often} a relic of Original do or de;
as OPPOSED to s (So-) -st has a negative value;
e, {genitive} DAOR, DAOI, DUAITHNLDH, DOBHARTHA, {et cetera} (See Do-).
', contr, before vowels and FH -SH vowel, for do, DC, preps., e, {genitive}, D'AILL, to or off a Cliff;
for do, {possibly} {pronoun} (which sometimes becomes T');
e, {genitive} D' (T') ATHAIR, thy father, do D', (AD') MHOLADH, praising thee;
{also, alias} for do, verbal particle, {perfect} tense, aet, and pass., and verbal noun.
Sínigh isteach